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Learning to Sense Energy
LadySilverVixenDate: Wednesday, 19-February-2014, 11:46 PM | Message # 1
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How to sense energy

You'll need: A notebook and a pen to record feelings, impressions etc..
Something to blindfold yourself.

What you do first is look around your room. Get a good feel for it, where your bed it, any dressers or desks etc... Now write down your first impressions of the room. If there is something you are naturally drawn to in the room write that down too. Then blind fold yourself. By depriving yourself of the key sense that we as humans take for granted your other senses will start to become more keen and sensitive to pick up the slack. Try to stand up after you've blindfolded yourself, use your hands if you need to, to feel your way around the room. Stand somewhere in the room, and note how the air current moves, how the room feels to you, does it feel like home? Does it have a certain positive and comforting quality to it, etc.. Make sure to remember this so you can note it down in your notebook. Do the exercise from 10-15 in your room for about a week straight, then you can try walking to the living room, or the bathroom and taking notes on the how the presence of each room changes. Make sure to stay away from stairways (we don't want anyone breaking their necks or other body parts). Make sure to take notes on each room and to write everything down afterwards.

You will start feeling the energy in each room over time, how it flows, how emotions influence it, etc...

The next method
You need: earplugs, your notebook and a headset (for like your mp3 player or the like)

The next method is to wear some ear plugs and put a head set on over them (because ear plugs don't rid all the noise). You'll do the same thing as above, minus the blind fold obviously. Try going for about an hour or so with the headphones and earplugs in and see how your body reacts to the presence of others, and the energy in each room.

Other things to take into account too are your senses of smell and taste. If you remember the last time you were sick, food doesn't taste the same, and that's because you can't smell much, the reason for this is because smell and taste are very interconnected.

For touch, you can't exactly do this by conventional means as skin is the largest organ of the body. The only way one could deprive this sense is to go into a seclusion chamber of some sort, which most normal people don't have one of these hanging around. Try to image though what this would be like, To never be able to feel the wind on your skin on a hot day, or sand/earth between your toes, etc... The thought can be very scary.
Forum » Magical Discussion » Energy Working » Learning to Sense Energy
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