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What is Energy?
LadySilverVixenDate: Thursday, 20-February-2014, 0:15 AM | Message # 1
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What isEnergy? 
Lady Silvervixen 

So what exactly is energy? Most will first comeoff by saying it's this invisible force that makes up everything, which is
true, but only a small part of what is included in what it is capable of.
Energy can be infused, transferred and even controlled to a certain extent
within ourselves as well as influenced by emotions, and actions (such as in the
case of Magic). Energy is most notably in magic used for healing, blessing, and
even communicating. 

Simply put the way energy works is like this.The entire human body is made up of energy, no different than anything else in
our reality. This energy is said to be regulated within the body by centers
called Chakras. There are thousands of these energy centers throughout the
entire body connected by Meridians or energy pathways (some even call these
energy roads). It?s when these smaller chakras work together that they form the
larger chakras, and most notably there are 7 of them starting at the base or
root Chakra going up the length of the body to the Crown. Energy will from one
chakra to the next creating an energy circuit, which there are several such
circuits with different qualities. For example, the Solar Circuit based in the
solar chakra, is the energy system which keeps the body's basic functions
going, where as the Lunar circuit is based in the root chakra and is most
commonly studied by the Hindu?s and is not automatic like the Solar circuit.
The Lunar circuit is used to perform high magic or "miracles". Lastly, there is
the Stellar Circuit, which is used to receive many kinds of energy but
specifically programmed for communication. This is the circuit by which
channeled messages are received. 

One of the better known forms of energy work, aswell as energy healing is with the Aura. The aura is put into these terms? An
envelope of energy surrounding one's body? It's said that a healthy aura can
extend several feet in all directions around the physical body, but it's
easiest to detect for beginners, within a few inches of the skin. 

So how is all this energy transferred and movedaround, simply put it's just a matter of projecting energy from your body to
someone or something else. The energy is pulled in from the Universe, and
channeled through your body to the desired person or thing. Commonly through
the use of the hands, where the energy is focused through the palms. Energy can
be ?injected through the crown chakra or through any of the chakras to
determine where to send the needed energy. Certain places will feel different
and these are the ones that need the energy work. Determining where to send the
energy is as simple as doing a simple scan of the person's body. Lastly, in the
case of a person who is sick or injured you want to send healing energy
directly to the hurt locations to help in the healing process and to sooth any
Shadow333Date: Friday, 21-February-2014, 6:07 PM | Message # 2
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When you work with Energy enough, it slowly become becomes who you are. You use it almost for almost everything. For me, it's similar to blinking. I do it subconsciously, but when I think about it, I notice how much I use it in every day activities.
Forum » Magical Discussion » Energy Working » What is Energy?
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