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Anger and Wicca
LadySilverVixenDate: Wednesday, 19-February-2014, 11:49 PM | Message # 1
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Anger and Wicca             

   First of all I know that this is a weird pairing of words and the following, before it is read, could be taking in many ways. The following words are just my thoughts on this subject.                 

    For some odd reason, people have a tendency to think that loving, and peaceful individuals are not capable of strong emotions such as anger, hate, loathing and many others, but we are still human and we do encounter these emotions. These emotions vibrate at a low frequency but don't hang around long. This isn't to say they can't hang around long, just that they don't normally do so.
There are 2 types of anger and several ways that anger can be expressed. The first type of anger is the explosive or extrovert type of anger. People with this type of anger usually show it pretty well and their feelings are very well known by those around them. This is usually the people you see who punch walls, throw things, scream and yell, etc... The other type is the introvert. This
type of anger is internalized and this is the person who is wound rather tight until there is a final trigger and the person snaps.                

Now the average person will usually show a little of both of these depending on the situation they find themselves in. If you want a really good example of the more extremes you can watch the movie Anger Management which shows the more extremes of an  introvert (the lead character played by Adam Sandler) and extrovert (played by several of the others in the anger group). For the purpose of this particular blog posting, we will go with the average person and not the extremes.           

    I used to be a member of a website that for a while was pretty decent. I recently returned to said website due to some complaints from my students about various different things from Moderators going nuts with power, to the large quantity of misinformation. I merely had to see this for myself, mind you I haven't been on that site in 3-4 years and couldn't believe that something I had contributed
to had gotten so bad it required people to come to me to fix the information they were told, and I had been doing that for the 3-4 years I have been off the site.              

   For the most part I am pretty laid back and relaxed and I try not to let the small things get to me. However, I am human and fixing the same issues for 3-4 years, I ended up going very introvert and internalized a lot of my displeasure with this said website and the website owner. When I briefly went back to the site, I pretended to be a newbie to Wicca to see how things were being handled, with
the short answer being, not very well. There was little to no leeway for new members to ask serious questions about magic, Wicca, or any other subject that would fall under the term Paganism.

There was extreme disrespect towards some of these people, and even 13 year olds leading groups and trying to "teach" what Wicca is about, when they had only read maybe 1 book and had only been practicing themselves for about a year if that. These same 13 yr olds claimed to be adepts, and anyone who talked about real magic was deemed a "fluffy bunny" and told their information was incorrect despite them being in the Craft for 5 or more years.               

 So, now between the complaints from students,seeing these complaints for myself in person, and the betrayal I still felt from when I left the site in the first place, the internalized anger decided to surface. I am not very proud of what I did next, but the total release of this anger came through my fingers and into this chatroom full force. I stated that the site is the laughing stock of the pagan community (which is actually is), that there was too much disrespect being shown, no one was learning real magic unless they spoke with specific individuals who were very few in number, and even called out the main Admin of the website. Now you'd think I would've stopped there, but while in the process of all this occurring, I left a nice little note on the forum too, basically stating the same thing I had said in
the chatroom.  One can only correct the same thing so many times and deal with so much before they just snap.     

             Now I did try several coping methods, leaving for a few minutes, meditating, breathing, etc... but this anger was so intense when it surfaced nothing I did would quell it. It hit me like a ton of bricks and became more primal to just react. As I stated, I am not proud of what I did. What this does show though, is that even the most laid back people, can and do at some point snap off out of anger.           

      I've been practicing Wicca for about 14 years now, and it has brought great peace to my life and has completed me. I am not afraid to live in the moment, or really try to understand why I feel how I feel sometimes. This is the first major outburst I have actually had in several years, and I feel a lot better since it's happened. The release of that much pent up energy was blissful after I calmed down, so much so I stayed in a good mood and became very loving afterwards.              

   I think the point in me telling you all this, is that you have to remember that we are all human. We all deserve a second chance, and that even though you may get angry, or depressed, or embarrassed, there are much worse things that could happen. It is best to live in the moment, but really think about why you feel the way you do and what the consequences of your actions may be.  As for me, my consequences to my actions are a permanent IP ban from this website (which I honestly don't give a damn about).  I really think that I could probably tell you more and give you the same old stuff that you were taught as teens and children on coping methods, but you already know it, and you can easily fill in the blanks.                

Just remember that we are human, we make mistakes, and as responsible people, we need to take responsibility for our actions and not deflect it onto someone else.  Anger is a strong emotion that is not easily over taken by another emotion, and it needs to be released from the body from time to time. The only thing I have left to tell you is to find a creative outlet for your anger, and if it becomes a serious problem in your life, please seek professional help.

 May the Lord and Lady Bless You on Your Journey!

Rev. Lady SilverVixen

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