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Divination, with help from the Fates.
SatanasWyrdlingDate: Monday, 07-September-2015, 0:41 AM | Message # 1
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So, I've given quite a few readings to people. I'm not going to say I'm the best, but I'm pretty good. I have met people who can read better than me though. What really helps my readings out, is that it isn't just me. I work with the Fates. They are the weavers of past, present, and future. Their roots in mythologies around the world run deep. Lachesis, Clotho, Atropos, or Urd, Verdandi, Skuld, or the latin Madres. In several different pantheons around the world, you can find them.

My best readings, have consisted of information that comes directly from them. See, I channel them. I am not going to say I am the best channel in the world. Because, well... I'm not. I am going to say however, that calling on them to help with your divination readings. It will work wonders.

I know that if you look at my profile, and my name, it's pretty clear I am a spiritual Satanist. Yes, I revere spirits that have been given the title of God and Goddess. Respecting a spirit, and admiring them, is different than worship. How it usually goes, is I'll stubbornly refuse to ask for help. Yet, when I am not able to admit that I could use some help. They'll help me. Instead of praying, and begging for things to change though. I keep putting in the effort, in my own time, of my own free will. However, sometimes when I need the help. I do go to them. I am aware some people might find this odd. I don't care. I'm simply relaying some of my experience, working with them.

Has anyone else here ever worked with them, or considered calling them when divining?
Forum » Magical Discussion » Divination & Prophecy » Divination, with help from the Fates.
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