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Astral Projection Basics
LadySilverVixenDate: Wednesday, 19-February-2014, 11:26 PM | Message # 1
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Astral Projection Basics
So what is Astral Projection? Many people define it as casting ones spirit out into a realm of spirit and thought,
known as the Astral Plane.  What a lot of them forget to explain is that there are 3 planes, the physical plane, which is
where we are now, the Etheric plane a realm of total spirit & the physical;and is parallel to our plane, and of course then comes the astral which is spirit and thought.

What can you do in the astralplane? Anything you want within reason. It’s a realm of thought and spirit so
you can create your most deepest desires here to either release them to the
universe later, or to play out a fantasy to see how the most ideal paths would
be. You can create buildings, forests, meadows, etc.. all with a thought.

What’s the point? Well, that’s upto you really. I find going there to be a huge stress relief, to do rituals
when in a cramped time frame, and to light healing candles and send energy to those in need. My astral temple is tended to regularly so it is well maintained and a link for me to return to a safe an comfortable location every time I go to the astral realm.

Astral temple? An astral temple isa building or specific location in the astral realm that you create based on what you feel would be most comfortable to you. When you create your astral temple you will not only create it to your liking, but you will create a lock
for it as well that only you can open. This does require maintenance, so make sure you check on it every once in a while (I recommend about once a month at a minimum).

Is it dangerous? Not in a physical sense, no. Your body creates a barrier all on its own, so possession isn’t a problem (this is a very common question). You can’t “wander too far away from your body” either (this comes up in the movie insidious, which is more Etheric projection which is another topic all together, and no you can’t wander too far). You have a “silver cord” that
connects your spiritual self to your physical body.  This cord does not break, and cannot be cut, it will stretch and bend and bewith you everywhere you go in the astral realm (it does the same in the Etheric realm but again another topic).

You can be harmed in the astralrealm on a spiritual level however, usually by astral “nasties” which are lower
level energies that are drawn to your personal white light within. These are usually not uniform in appearance, meaning simple they have no one form to identify them by. They are similar to grayish blobs, but they will take on appearances that will terrify you, and scare you. 

So how do you defend yourself against these things? There are a few methods you can use, you can stand up against them,
remembering this is a realm of thought, you can manifest anything at any time to defend yourself. You can also think of your body and return, which is the quickest way to get out, or think of your astral temple, these things can’t get in there, so you’re safe there as well.

I can’t AP, what am I doing wrong? There’s a lot of different things that could be leading to this issue. One, you are being impatient, astral projection is difficult to learn for many and requires a lot of practice and trial and error of different methods. Another
reason you could be having difficulties is a muddy aura or improperly aligned and cleansed chakras. Make sure you are doing daily cleansings and alignments, and if not daily, at least weekly. I am a very busy person and I align and cleanse at least once a week if not more. There is no excuse as to why this cannot be done, it takes about 5-10 minutes when you learn a specific method that works for you. Another reason is that you may not be cut out for astral travel, instead you may want to look into alternatives, such as remote viewing,
or “riding along” with animals.

There are so many techniques, whichone is right for me? Remember that part about trial and error I mentioned before? That’s your answer. Try different ones, from guided meditations to visualization. Stay away from the lucid dreaming though, starting out there
will usually slow your progress with astral projection because you have to relearn the difference between dreaming and the astral plane through your own sense of which is which. People astral project every night in their sleep, but due to the change in consciousness many times it will be hard to remember, if you can remember the experience at all. This is another technique though that many will use.

How long does it take to learn? To learn it takes as long as it takes to read a method. How long it takes to actually do it is another story. Some people get it after a few tries, others will take longer because not every method will work for them. Take for example myself; it took me 6 months to actually accomplish multiple successful astral projections and another 6 months to perfect my technique and to be able to do it at will. Each person is different and will take a variance in time to master this.

I keep falling asleep while doing this, what am I doing wrong? Nothing, this is completely normal. If you are really worried about it then learn to meditate for longer periods of time. The main goal for a successful projection is to do this and remain awake.

I’m having odd sensations and hearing weird sounds and they frighten me, what do I do? There are a few things that you can do in this situation; one is “get over” the fear, face it head on. You can also call on your spirit guide to help you and protect you if that is
the issue. Another solution is to use a protective symbol that brings you peace or cast a circle around your bed. Some people will create a crystal barrier or vortex around themselves as well. Do what feels comfortable to you.

Most importantly: Remember to relax, be patient and have fun with it. It does take time but with practice you can accomplish it.

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