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Astral Projection Methods/Techniques
LadySilverVixenDate: Wednesday, 19-February-2014, 11:31 PM | Message # 1
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Astral ProjectionMethods

There are numerous methods out there that can be tried.Finding the right one for you is real trick. I suggest and have found thisuseful: think about what you like to do. Do you like to mountain climb? Try the Monroe/Rope Technique, as the natural sensation of being tethered is present. Do you like music or rhythms? Try binaural beats, or classical music. Using nature sounds, or drumming music is also helpful. Are you a creative individual who day dreams? Try creative visualizations or guided meditations to help you out. Below are a few techniques that I have personally used, and some of my students in the past have used and found useful. Remember that these
are meant to be serious techniques, and although astral travel and projection can be fun, should be taken seriously.

One of the most common methods is the Rope Technique also known as the Monroe Technique:

1.)   Do a thorough relaxation, until you feel completely settled/relaxed. 

2.)   Reach out with your “imaginary” hands and pull yourself in a hand over hand motion on the rope that hangs above you. Try visualizing the feeling of the rope as being coarse, strong and thick as you
pull yourself up. Do not try to visualize the rope, this creates added distraction, and it can hinder your progress. You want to try to imagine that you are reaching for this rope in the dark so that you can’t see it.

A few things you may experience while doing this method: You will feel a slight dizzy sensation inside your body. The dizzy feeling and any feelings of pressure or vertigo is cause by your mental action of pulling on the rope, so sometimes taking a short breather or flat out ignoring the sensations is the best way to go.

3.)   Keep climbing, hand over hand, and you willeventually feel a heavy sensation come over you. This is normal, but ignore it
and keep climbing.

4.)   As you continue to climb, you may experience your chakras opening, this is normal so don’t stop climbing.

5.)   You may feel vibrations start, a feeling o fbeing paralyzed, etc… Just remain single minded and keep climbing.

6.)   Next you will start to feel yourself slowlycoming free. Some people will feel a strong buzzing, others will feel extreme
cold or heat.  You will eventually exit your body in the direction you have been pulling.

Note: Do not break concentration, otherwise you will have to start all over again. 

The Lift/Roll outTechnique:This is literally as it sounds

1.)   Relax

2.)   Visualize floating out of your body

3.)   Once you feel you are floating, roll to the side

Rolling out

1.)   Relax

2.)   Feel yourself slowly rocking back and forth(slowly at first and gradually build up momentum)

3.)   You will eventually hit the critical point androll right out.What is critical here and in the previous method is that you physically do not move.

Stand Up

1.)   Relax yourself

2.)   Reach your high vibration where you feel like you are going to float

3.)   Stand up

Hammock Technique

1.)   Relax yourself and visualize your physical body as the hammock

2.)   Slowly see yourself swinging rhythmically back and forth, back and forth

3.)   As you swing build up momentum

4.)   When you reach your peak, swing one last time and swing your spiritual self out of your physical body.

 Experiment and play around with it, find what works for you. Have fun and enjoy your spiritual journey!

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