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Forum » Magical Discussion » Misc Topics » Mistakes and misunderstanding.. (I'm sick of this..Had to say something huh..)
Mistakes and misunderstanding..
AlexisDate: Friday, 04-October-2013, 8:48 PM | Message # 1
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I seen many cases where we humans get scared of a scared spirit, thinking they are evil.. Seriously, don't be stupid and go do banishing spells or such things until you see what the problem is!..

One case: Some girl in house had a 4 years-old half demon spirit, that little girl spirit is atm dead for about 4 months, she was scared and attracted to place. she told us she noticed she could enter dreams so she wanted them to notice her..
What that couple with problem did? Banishing spell, they did it a bit wrong and ended up summoning some kind of hmm, lets just say it had bad energy, some spirit which I'm not sure what type it is. Other spirits got attracted plus there was portal to yet again bad realm.. And little half demon girl was scared of all spirits around and wanted help. When we spoke to her, my best friend saw her memories. Her parents tortured her and killed her. She didn't know she is dead, she was saying "They will kill me if I leave!".. Somehow she started to like a spirit that follows my best friend around and he slowly and nicely explained it to her that her parents cant kill her because she is dead. Then after  a while little girl went with my best friend and her spirit friend and they are together now.

Do you see my point? Banishing spell gone wrong, banishing spell could hurt her and she doesn't deserve it.. I think you guys should start sharing this page to newbies on SoM because they ask wrong people for help.. CASES LIKE THIS AREN'T SO RARE... In almost every case there is misunderstanding.. Scared spirits attack you if you attack them. Evil spirits would attack you without any reason and good ones they wouldn't do it unless you attack them. That little half demon kid was scared, she attacked me and my best friend (we were there with our energy bodies).. We don't have high enough senses to exactly see if she was good or not, but when my friend's spirit friend came in he stopped little girl and mt friend who were like fighting and told her "You can't feel it?" That half demon was scared and out of fear attacked... And these people went and made it worse.. I'm sick of seeing such posts all panicking before they try and look into cases like this.. Sure make barrier around yourself, but unless it's a bad spirit and you are 10000000% sure than go ahead and banish it..

Anyway that's all I have to say. On SoM its too often that people complain AND GET THE WRONG ANSWER!.. Just making things worse huh.. But oh well.. Hope you guys won't be like that..

Blessed be..
Forum » Magical Discussion » Misc Topics » Mistakes and misunderstanding.. (I'm sick of this..Had to say something huh..)
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