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AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:23 PM | Message # 1
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Basic astrology information:

The twelve signs are:

Aries (March 21st- April 20)

Taurus (April 21st-May 21st)

Gemini (May 22-June 21st)

Cancer (June 22nd-July 23rd)

Leo (July 24th-August 23rd)

Virgo (August 24th-September 23rd)

Libra (September 24th-October 23rd)

Scorpio (October 24th-November 22nd)

Sagittarius (November 23rd-December 22nd)

Capricorn (December 23rd-January 20th)

Aquarius (January 21st-February 19th) 

Pisces (February 20th-March 20th)

Seeing as there as been a lot of hype about the "new" zodiac sign I'll add this. 
Ophiuchus is it's name. It is not a new sign. It has always been there and always will be. It is the serpent bearer and falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius. 
It was removed from the zodiac seeing as it wasn't long enough.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:23 PM | Message # 2
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Each of the signs has an element tied to it.

The fire signs are as follows:
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The earth signs are as follows:
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The air signs are as follows:
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The water signs are as follows:
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:23 PM | Message # 3
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Each sign is Fixed, Cardinal, or Mutable.

Each as their own characteristics.

The fixed signs are:

The Cardinal signs are:

The Mutable signs are:

Fixed signs are stubborn and hate change and will resist it as much as they can.
They're home bodies and feel more comfortable by themselves.

Cardinal signs like to be leaders. They enjoy taking on new things and dominating. They like to start new projects.

Mutable signs enjoy going out and being around people. They're more comfortable being
in an environment where they are surrounded in large groups. They're
the social butterflies.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:23 PM | Message # 4
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In astrology there are signs know as cusp.
Simply put a cusp is where you share traits of two zodiac signs.
It is the last five days of one sign and the first five days of another.

Aries/Taurus: April 16th-April 26th

Taurus/Gemini: May 16th-May 26th

Gemini/Cancer: June 16th-June 26th

Cancer/Leo: July 16th-August 26th

Leo/Virgo: August 16th-September 26th

Virgo/Libra: September 16th-September 26th

Libra/Scorpio: October 16th-October 26th

Scorpio/Sagittarius: November 16th-November 16th

Sagittarius/Capricorn: December 16th-December 26th

Capricorn/Aquarius: January 16th-January 26th

Aquarius/Pisces: February 16th-February 26th

Pisces/Aries: March 16th-Match 26th
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:23 PM | Message # 5
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Polar opposite signs

These are the signs that are opposite of each other and share traits with each other to a degree.

They are as follows:

Aries and Libra

Taurus and Scorpio

Gemini and Sagittarius 

Cancer and Capricorn 

Leo and Aquarius 

Virgo and Pisces
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:24 PM | Message # 6
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Aries-  The ram

Taurus- The bull

Gemini- The twins

Cancer- The crab

Leo- The lion

Virgo- The virgin

Libra- The scales

Scorpio- The scorpion ***originally the eagle. Has three actual signs, scorpion, eagle, and phoenix 

Sagittarius- The archer 

Capricorn- The goat

Aquarius- The water bearer 

Pisces- The fish
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:24 PM | Message # 7
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The Aries personality is explosive. They are the baby of the zodiac.
Hot headed and temperamental.They are friendly to a point but are roused
to anger easily. When in a relationship if they are not happy they will
look else where to satisfy themselves. 

Taurus people are Stubborn with a capital S. They resist change and
refuse to be swayed when their mind is made up. They make good friends
and alley's unless they become hurt. They thrive on being with someone
and usually have kids at a young age.

Gemini's are friendly and flirtatious, They're social butterflies and
love to flit from place to place with out a care. They enjoy having
someone to call their own but they're not known for having just one
person to be faithful with.  

Cancer people are secretive- to a point. They're rather easy going people and can get
along with other's when they choose. They are very easily hurt. If they
don't know you or like you they will take offense to everything that's

Leo's are the center of attention. They thrive in the lime light. Even if they try to avoid it they are pulled
into it. Leo's have a bubbly personality and like to be on the move.
They have a large group of friends but rarely get close to any of them.

Virgo likes to over analyze  every situation. They check everything
before they do it. They make good friends as they are trust worthy and
loyal. They are rather touchy and can be cold on a whim depending on the

Libra's are said to be reserved and justice seeking. They don't like unfairness in the world and will
try to correct it if they can. Although, they can be justice seeking,
they also have a darker, meaner, self absorbed side where they use
everything to their gain.

Scorpio is the most confusing of the signs. On the surface they are cool and reserved.
They speak their minds and have a bluntness to them that not many people
can handle. They are loyal in relationships and to their friends. As an
enemy they can cause extreme damage.

Sagittarius people love to move around. They love to travel from place
to place and see all the world that they can see. As much as they love
to move around they hold true to that on relationships. They breeze
through them faster than their partner can blink. 

Capricorn's are the money makers of the zodiac. They set high goals and
achieve them if they really, really want to. They make great friends
being as they're supportive and caring. Although they are friendly,
they, as a rule, are very weary of people. 

To simply describe Aquarius people in one word would be eccentric. They
like the weird of the weird. They are the hermits of the zodiac. They
do like to be around people- but only when they want to deal with. They
like to take on many odd projects and are friendly. 

Pisces people are dreamers. They always dream of what they want to do,
what they shouldn't do and why they want to do it. They make good
friends when they're not having a self inflicted break down. They are
easily hurt but if they like you they will stay a good friend.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:24 PM | Message # 8
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I figure I might as well put this in here because someone will ask it.

Your element is not the one which is tied to your zodiac. It can be seeing as one of the elements I'm close to is the element of mine.

The element tied with the zodiac is nothing more than a way to describe attributes to personalities of the certain sign.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:24 PM | Message # 9
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The Dark side Zodiac


Aries is and always will be the baby of the zodiac. They will kick and
scream and rant and rave when they don't get their way. They only want
what they want when they want it like the child they are. Aries also
loves sex. They love it with who ever can give it up and have no
problems going from partner to partner to get it. They will cheat if
they're unhappy- they just don't care. They are also prone to enormous
temper explosions.
When they get pissed they see red and nothing else. They allow their anger to blind them so often that they forget to
see anything and everything around them. Anger and sex drives them to
new heights, be it through madness or carnal pleasure. It must be fun to
be a simple minded creature.


Taurus people are stubborn as anyone will suggest. They don't like to give an
ounce once they sink they're large teeth into something. As children
they are rotten little brats, who will make things go their way or so
help anyone around them. Once they grow into adult hood, they rarely
leave their childish antics behind. They will fight when they have to
but they don't harbor it often. They would rather stand in your way and
glare at you then throw a punch.
They also love to eat sweets- cake in particular. Where this obsession comes from could be buried deep in
their psyche. The only redeeming factor they have is they work well with
children. Taurus people love children so much they take breeding to the
heart. Oh Taurus where would we be without your cake obsession and over
population of the earth? 


Gemini's are the most bipolar, self absorbed, two faced people of the zodiac. They
take air head to a whole new level. You think you know bipolar- then you
have never met a Gemini. They will say they love you one minute and
then the next they will be cursing up a storm wanting your head on a
platter. They flirt as easily as they breathe. They don't care who they
hurt as long as they  can dry hump the next sexy person they come to. 
Gemini's are not trust worthy. They will blab what they know to be
accepted and loved by everyone. If you have a secret- don't tell them.
Gemini's will hold your hand and smile and show how much they love you,
though they will be holding your best friends hand and winking at them.
Oh whore, thy name is Gemini.


Cancer's are cry babies. It's as simple as that. They cry over being ignored, not
receiving more love from a partner (no matter no one can achieve the
kind of loving they want), not getting their way and many, many other
things that no one can even be bothered to write. Cancer like Gemini's
before them, can't keep a secret. If they know someone and it will give
them higher standing among their peers they will spill the beans. They
don't care as long as you love them!
Cancer's hide from the world and peek out once in a while when there is no one to hurt them. God
forbid you do this though. Cancer will only forgive you if you kiss
their feet. They are moody and grumpy and down right nasty. Petty
creatures is all they are.


Leo the lion. Leo the leader. Leo, Leo, Leo. To sum up the attention seeking Leo's
would take ages. They are self absorbed, self righteous, and ego
obsessed. They have to have all the attention on them. They demand it, thrive for it, live on it. They need your love and they will
do anything to get it. As long as you stroke their ego they will purr.
It's not all about their ego and need for attention. They have darker
tendencies to be just as petty as Cancer. They strike you down when you
already are laying in the dirt- if they didn't get their way. They hit
you were you are the weakest and keep kicking until you bleed for them.
Lime light-evil sadist.


Virgo is so far from the virgin that holds to their sign, it's ridiculous. They can be
dark and moody and nasty when they need to be. They over analyze
everything and won't move for anyone until their mind is made up. They
love, love. They are not fighters by nature, instead they would rather
receive love from everyone. They need praise and love other wise they
turn miserable and mean.
If love isn't given to them, no matter how they will never show you their love, they will snap. They will be cold and distant,
cruel and mean. They have a mind set that the world owes them a favor
and everyone needs to realize how freakin' amazing they are. Heartless
ingrate thy name is Virgo.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:25 PM | Message # 10
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Libra's are the "Lady Justice" of the zodiac sign. They show the world
how much they believe in fairness and justice. It's just a front. Libra
is a dark, twisted sign, who hides their darker tendency's under a
facade of divine meaning. They play people against each other and laugh
while they destroy each other for reasons they don't understand. 
Libra knows how to play you. They know how to twist you so far around
their finger that you'll never escape. They know you'll do their bidding
so long as you don't become to suspicious of the knife they have
against your throat. "In the land of the blind they one eyed man is king."


Scorpio's are the darkest, moodiest, twisted, sadistic, sign of the
zodiac. They don't bother to hide their darkness, They flaunt it and
love it. They love the extremes of everything. They love lots of sex,
lots of power, and lots of seclusion. They are sex addicts to the core.
Some will go around getting it anywhere they can. Some will ignore their
darker desire and ignore the call to arms.
They are blunt to the point of cruelty and either don't care that they hurt your or don't
care. Scorpio's love for power is always met. They will dominate you. They will crush you. Simply because they can and you're so far behind you don't realize
what they have done or will do. But we all love our sex crazed, power
trip, scorp. 


Sagittarius is like a teenager. They love to have sex and lot of it. They love to move around
from place to place as they can't sit their asses down and enjoy the
moment. They are flighty and arrogant. One minute they will tell you
they love you, they want to be with you, they can't live without you and
they want to wed you. They don't- or rather they thought they did.
They thought they loved you until someone else more attractive, more
worldly, walks on by. They will drop you like a hot potato and run after
the new object of their affection- tongue hanging out. To try and
reason with them will only result in your anger peeking and their
stupidity getting in the way. 


Capricorn's are money obsessed, Once they see money they're eyes will
turn green and they will run out it. They can be mostly associated with
Ebenezer Scrooge. They hoard their money and keep it out of sight so no
one can find it. While they are hiding from the world they will glance
out the window to make sure no one is sneaking up on them.
While money is their love, they forget to love themselves. Capricorn's have an
innate talent for resentment. Not of other people but themselves. They
see the world as a cold heartless mother and can't wedge from their self
induced depression long enough to see that there is good in the world.


Aquarius people are freaks and that's putting it nicely. Aquarius
people have their heads so far in the clouds that they have been struck
many times by lightening but thought it was just some strange vibration
in their own body. They get lost in their own thoughts that nothing else
and no one else seems to matter. They aren't found of relationships,
even though they enjoy one from time to time. They would rather be alone
playing with their own inventions. 
They like to start new projects, different ones all at the same time. They rarely, if ever,
finish a project. Too many things run through their brains to grasp one
concept for one length of time. They are the type of people who see
aliens in light bulbs and monsters in their shoes. Paranoid little


Pisces are one of the most annoying signs of the zodiac. They can never do anything wrong-ever.
Accusing them of making faults will only result in finger pointing. They
would rather and do blame other people for their own mistakes. They
don't understand how someone can be so mean to them when they had
nothing to do with some thing even though they were the only one's
working on it to begin with.
They are also dreamers. Their heads are stuck so far up their asses that they can't see anything around
them. That's fine by them. They would rather sit and watch life pass
them by then get up and do something toward what they want. Why do
something when you can just dream? Oh Pisces what a child you are.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:25 PM | Message # 11
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My dark side post is humorous in it's nature. If it offends then you should not have read it.
It is simply all the negative traits of the zodiac and shows sides of us we would rather not share.
Personally, I enjoy the dark side more than the nice, bright happy side.
I hope all which read my dark side had a chuckle or smile to follow.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:25 PM | Message # 12
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Below is from The Complete Handbook of Astrology. 
No credit goes to me

Extrovert or Introvert?
The Sun signs can also be divided into the outward-looking, active
"extrovert" signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius)
and the more inward-looking, receptive, "introvert" signs (Taurus,
Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces). Generally, those born
under and introvert sign are happiest when alone or at home or with
small groups of people. They also make good listeners. On the other
hand, individuals belonging to an "extrovert" sign are likely to enjoy
the company of others and may feel lonely and unhappy when they have
only themselves as company.

The Moon
Closely associated with our fundamental emotional responses, the Moon is also
linked with out past, with our toots and with habits laid down in
It's position on the birth chart can reveal much about your instinctive nature and personality, too. If it was positioned in a
Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), for instance, it is likely to have
produced a highly sensitive and moody individual. Air moon
personalities may be cool and detached (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius); while
Fire Moon people (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are able to express their
feelings more easily.Those with Earth moons, however (Taurus, Virgo,
Capricorn) are likely to find self-expression rather more challenging. 

The Ascendant
The sign which is rising over the horizon at the moment of birth and
which can only be calculated from an accurate birth time is known as the
Ascendant or rising sign.
Someone born at dawn has the Sun on the Ascendant. But an individual born earlier or later in the day, on the
other hand, will have a different Ascendant to the sign in which his or
her sun falls. Each sun sign has 12 possible Ascendants, and each rising
sign will affect rather differently as how we see the outside world, as
well as how in turn other people see and from their impression of us.
Your Ascendant thus influences the protective coloring which your sun
sign adopts in its approach to the outside world, providing the outward
expression of personality.
If the sun sign Cancer, for example, (a moody and emotional sign), has a Virgo Ascendant, it will give the
outward impression of an efficient and well organized individual. A
Gemini Ascendant would make for a lively communicator; while Sagittarius
as a rising sign would project the aura of an adventurous free spirit.
Each of these facades would overlie the basically sensitive, home loving
Cancerian nature.

The Mid-Heaven
A point "overhead in the sky", shown at the top of the birth char, the Mid-heaven can
only be calculated if the time of birth is known. It represents the way
in which an individual will interact with the outside world. Often
linked to the career choice which a person makes, the Mid-heaven may
also indicate the specific vocation- such as medicine (Scorpio), nursing
(Virgo), or religion (Pisces)- to which a person is particularly
The Mid-Heaven can also indicate qualities which an individual values and seeks to develop as life progresses. Sagittarius
on the Mid-heaven, for example, may show that knowledge is held in high
regards, so that the individual may become the perpetual student who
never stops learning. Cancer on the Mid-Heaven, however, may indicate
that particular store is set by emotional sensitivity which the
individual seeks to express through interaction with children or as a
social worker, for instance.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:25 PM | Message # 13
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From the complete hand book of astrology. The work is not mine.


Enthusiastic,impulsive, independent, pioneering, insensitive, excitable.

Practical, generous, patient, purposeful, constant, obstinate.

Inquisitive,  versatile, dexterous, articulate, cheering, inconsistent.

Protective, tenacious, changeable, tough, caring, possessive.

Extravagant, creative, dignified, domineering, passionate, haughty,

Meticulous, critical, analytical,  methodical, practical, pedantic

Diplomatic, amenable, charming, romantic, courteous, narcissistic.

Magnetic, intense, secretive, willful, penetrating, understanding.

Optimistic, freedom-loving, idealistic, philosophical, honest, undisciplined. 

Dutiful, industrious, loyal, enduring, ambitious, selfish

Humanitarian, intuitive, sociable, detached, individualistic, cranky.

Sensitive, self-sacrificing, dreamy, compassionate, imaginative, vague
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:26 PM | Message # 14
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All below is from The Complete Handbook of Astrology
I do not take credit for it

The 12 houses

1st house:
The front door to ones world: the self-image; reaction to one's
environment; how others see one; physical characteristics;  outer
personality; how one initiates action; beginnings.
Ruled by Aries

2nd house:
The process of valuing; self-worth; body-awareness; how one develops
one's natural resources; attitudes towards money and possessions;
emotional attachments to objects.
Ruled by Taurus 

3rd house:
Communications; the analytical mind; early and immediate environment;
school years; relatives; brothers and sisters; early peer groups; short
Ruled by Gemini

4th house:
Home and family issues; one's sense of belonging; psychological
foundations; how one is in private; the "background" parent; childhood
conditioning; late years of life.
Ruled by Cancer

5th house:
Creative instincts; the urge to express oneself spontaneously;
children; how one gives love; love affairs; leisure; speculation
Ruled by Leo

6th house:
Daily routine; work; practical skills; techniques; relations with employer/employees; health issues.
Ruled by Virgo

7th house:
One to one encounters; partners; marriage; lawsuits; challenges; open enemies; how one co-operates or competes with others,
Ruled by Libra

8th house:
Results of what one shares with others; intense relationships; sex;
other people's money and possessions; legacies; death and re-birth;
crises; change
Ruled by Scorpio

9th house:
The abstract mind; belief systems; higher education, teachers; foreign
travel and connections with abroad, religion; the spirit of the law.
Ruled by Sagittarius 

10th house:
Public role and stunts; career; ambition, influences; how one sets out
to achieve aims; the dominate parent, relations with authority figures;
ones tendency to be dominate or dominated,
Ruled by Capricorn

11th house:
The need to make contact with others; how one receives love;
friendships; social groups; shared hopes and ideals; group activities. 
Ruled by Aquarius

12th house:
The unintegrated; unconscious self; what one projects on to intimate
relationships; dreams; hidden fears and enemies; breakdowns; sacrifice
and service to a greater cause.
Ruled by Pisces
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:26 PM | Message # 15
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology
This work is not my own

Sun sign characters

March 21-April 19

The bright side:
The Aries personality is fiery and warm, passionate and self-expressive
with an urge to act-now! This is not a patient sign: everything is done
on impulse, and with great urgency.

Aries is a courageous leader, not averse to taking risks, but will
often feel that "I know best". As Aries has a quick grasp of the
essentials of any situation, this may well be so; but Aries rarely hangs
around to check out the details. However, give Aries a good cause for
which to fight, a problem to solve, or a new idea to pioneer and this
enterprising personality comes into its own.

The darker side
Strangely enough for such an active sign, one of its main failings is
that of procrastination. Although Aries is extremely impatient and
intolerant of delay, the Aries personality is prone to put off what must
be done (tax returns for example) if the matter to be put underway is
simply not interesting. Similarly, Aries may resort to lies rather than
undergo the inconvenience, or boredom, of being forced into doing
something Aries would rather not do. Arians can also be blunt, often
causing offence, or employ bullying tactics in a selfish desire to have
their own way.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and "Me fist" is the Arian motto. Active and
outgoing, the Arian personality is all set to make its mark on the
world- but this can lead to a selfish, egoistical attitude to life. In a
vulgar manner, this often proves successful: because the simple fact of
the matter is what Arians want, they usually get.

To keep this neat and easy to read I'm going to be splitting each up into it's own section
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