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AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:26 PM | Message # 16
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

April 20- May 20 

The bright side: 
Taurus has a patient, steadfast and reliable personality. People who
generally know where they are are Taurus- unless they make the mistake
of goading one too far. The Taurean personality is also warm and
sensual, with an appreciation of fine things. 

As Taurus is firmly motivated by a need for security, this sign is
often excellent at business matters and can be trusted to plan and carry
thing through carefully with resolute attention to detail. An earth
sign, Taurus also values the environment and will do everything possible
to preserve its well being. 

The darker side: 
Unfortunately, the Tauraian personality can be so committed to
self-preservation and so cautious in approaching anything new that it
may become boring- although many people are prepared to brave the
possibility of a tedious evening in view of the excellence of the food
served at Taurean dinner parties. 
Tauran at their best are typically "strong silent types", but all too often they appear ignorant
and willfully obstinate to others. 

Taureans have two other main difficulties in interacting with people: a
very slow-to-rouse but terrible temper, and possessiveness. Sexual
jealousy, another Taurean trait, can often lead to explosive anger. 

The typical Taurean personalty is earthy, solid and enduring,
continuing with dogged persistence long after everyone else has given
up. However, Taureans can be particularly resistant to change, unable to
adopt to new and innovative ways of thinking.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:26 PM | Message # 17
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

May 21-June 20

The bright side:
The Gemini personality is bright, witty and adaptable. Very little ever
troubles a Gemini, or stops one talking for lone- Gemini's can argue
their way out of any situation. Having a lively curiosity, Gemini also
excels at gathering information, processing it, and expressing it in an
accessible way to the waiting world. This personality can do almost
anything- so long as it does not cause boredom, anathema to Gemini's.
With so many talents and an ability to make something out of nothing.
Gemini's difficulty lies in deciding where, and how, to concentrate.
Gemini's are almost always doing at least two things at once, you will
usually find.

The darker side:

The Gemini personality's greatest faults are inconsistency and
superficiality. Other people never quite know what to expect; indeed,
Gemini cannot be relied upon to do anything. All that chasing about and
mind changing leave little time for them to go within and assess things
on a deeper level, and this can lead to mental overload.

There is a side of Gemini's which can be quite a surprise to admirers of
their qualities, since there can be a deep streak of cunning and also a
tongue which can become positively lethal at times, when provoked.

The self-expressive Gemini personality simply has to communicate, knows
everything, forms strong opinions and is always right-except that
Gemini's can change their minds so quickly that they may end up
contradicting themselves. Consequently, Gemini's can appear indecisive
or hypocritical.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:26 PM | Message # 18
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

June 21- July 22

The bright side:
At their best, Cancerians are sensitive, kind and sympathetic with an urge
to nurture and care for people which expresses itself particularly
strongly though the home and family. This is the "soft" side of the
Cancer personality. Meanwhile, the "hard" side is very enterprising,
shred, and also self-assured.

When attuned to the rhythms of their own nature, Cancerians are intuitive,
imaginative and resourceful, knowing when to reach out to others and
when to withdraw into their inner self for sustenance.

The darker side:
Cancerian have great trouble deciding between the tough. ambitious and outgoing
side of their nature and the sensitive, emotional, inward-looking part.
This can create great conflict and swings of mood which makes it
impossible for other people to assess how the somewhat contrary
Cancerian will react at any time.

Cancer also has a deep inferiority complex, so that any hurt, real or
imagined, is brooded upon. Cancer sometimes shows, too, a tendency to
look back at and hold on to, things of the past and cab be very
possessive sign. This highlights and inherently conservative aspect of
their nature although, as a cardinal sign, they will often initiate

The Cancer personality is extremely protective of a vulnerable underside. There is a hard shell
which is outwardly tough and impenetrable; but, inwardly, Cancer is
highly sensitive and caring, even if this tendency is well hidden from
the rest of the world.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:27 PM | Message # 19
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

July 23- August 22

The bright side:
This aspect of Leo is very bright indeed, for this is a personality very
much attuned to the vital life-giving qualities of the sun.

The typical Leo personality is flamboyant and generous with tremendous
charm and magnanimity of spirit which draws people close. The fixed
quality of the sign, meanwhile, helps to restrain the fire element's
tendency to over-exuberance. Leo's are also loyal, full of
self-assurance and hard-working, being excellent organizers (so long as
they are the boss). Leo's ability to play hard and the value placed on
pleasure makes for an excellent companion.

The darker side:
This aspect of the Leo personality usually emerges when Leo is being
ignored, which may result in sulking, or when inferior mortals challenge
the divine right to rule. Leo's can be very self-opinionated and
consequently bombastic and overbearing. One of Leo's most characteristic
traits is pride, and there is a tendency, too, towards pomposity, and

It can be difficult to spot when Leo is hurt (and this sign is surprisingly touchy): but the
sudden drop in temperature as Leo retreats back into regal dignity
provides a clue. In long-term disagreements, Leo can also prove to be
something of a formidable enemy.

Leo's are warm, sunny and outgoing but just love to be adored and looked up
to. Those who fail to recognize a Leo's innate need to be superior may
find themselves on the receiving end of a right royal snub, or the
victim of typical aristocratic wrath.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:27 PM | Message # 20
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

August 23- Sep. 22

The bright side:
The Virgo personality is marked by a very sharp intellect which is used to
analyse the natural order of things. Virgo's generally tend to be
methodical and precise, being drawn only to such knowledge as can be
applied usefully. They will happily share this with anyone, however, as
it confirms their own usefulness in the world, and brings them out of
their normally reserved shells, eager as they are to play their part.

Caution is another Virgo trait which, if positively used, bestows on those
under this sun sign a fine sense of discrimination between the practical
and the fanciful. They will usually develop skills which will enable
them to improve themselves and their immediate surroundings, and place
great pride in tangible achievements.

The darker side:

In their urge to categorize the mechanics of life and the forces that
hold them together, Virgo's can become obsessed with the notion of
order. Anything that upsets this harmony and understanding potentially
exposes them to fear for the unknown. For Virgo's, there is a place for
everything and everything has to have it's place: and they will do
anything to achieve this.

Virgo's are typically labeled as perfectionists. But their concern with high
standards has little bearing on the pursuit of ideals; it is more a
reflection of a need to have a tight grip on their environment. Virgo's
will also tend to immerse themselves in the minutest details of how
something works in order to enrich their understanding.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:27 PM | Message # 21
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

Sep. 23- Oct. 22

The bright side:
The Libran personality is one which is easy-going, charming and pleasant,
and for whom relationships are all-important. This sign above all simply
cannot do without other people, and so makes and excellent host or

Libra is also a sign which values peace- often at all cost- and which is very fair minded, so
that other people like being around Librans as they will always seek a
compromise if an argument is threatened. (However, those dealing with
Librans should remember that things are not always as they seem. Librans
can, is so minded, charm the birds out of the trees)

The darker side:
The famous indecisiveness of Librans means that they either sit on the
fence and wait, or swing wildly from one point of view to another. So it
is not the most reliable of signs and is often accused of being two
faced. It is perhaps less well known that Libra is also a very
self-centered sign which always insist on its own way.

What Libra wants, Libra gets in the end, and all kinds of devious plays may
be used in the meantime. But a reluctance to dirty their hands gives
Librans a streak of laziness which may mean a delay in getting their
many plans off the ground.

The basic Libran urge is towards finding balance and harmony with other
people and they will often do this at the risk of losing sight of their
own needs. A Libran can get caught up in "people-pleasing" but makes the
ideal diplomat, always prepared to negotiate a settlement between
warring factions, or to propose a peace treaty to squabbling partners.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:27 PM | Message # 22
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

Oct. 23- Nov. 21

The bright side:
Although they often get a bad press astrologically, Scorpio's have intense
personalities with hidden depths of perspicacity and a compassion which
reaches out to troubled people, even though this may not always show on
the surface. Being deeply emotional themselves, Scorpio's understand and
accept the feelings and pain that other signs often find they cannot

Scorpio is not afraid to go into darkness, so this sign makes an ideal therapist, and many
doctors and surgeons are Scorpios, using their incisive skills in a
constructive way. Scorpio's also have incredible personal magnetism and
can be very loyal and devoted friends or lovers.

The darker side:
Scorpio's have a hidden and secretive side and are not averse to using their deep
understanding of people for their own ends- usually directed towards
gaining power.

Indeed, Scorpio has a fascination with power, how to use it, how to master it, and how to
hold it over people. At times, this can extend into extreme cruelty, for
Scorpio is a vindictive, brooding sign which never forgets a grudge.
Scorpio can also have and inner self-destruct button which is pushed
compulsively from time to time.

The Scorpio personality has a habit of reaching the parts other signs would
not wish to reach. Scorpio's steely gaze can penetrate to your very
core. But their piercing intuitive powers are often hidden by an
exterior that gives no clues as to their findings.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:27 PM | Message # 23
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

Nov. 22- Dec. 21

The bright side:
Sagittarius is an optimistic out-going and adaptable fire sign. Sagittarian
personalities seek to interact spontaneously with life as they go on
their great quest for meaning. Sagittarians also need a great deal
freedom, and are equally willing to offer that freedom to others.

Sagittarians have an open-minded and intellectual curiosity which means that they
are willing to learn about other people in an effort to understand them,
and to be trusting and open with them in return. Sagittarians say
exactly what they mean with devastating frankness.

The darker side: 
Tactlessness, boastfulness and thinking with one's mouth are Sagittarian faults which
tend to upset other people. And so, too, does a Sagittarian tendency to
moralize and "preach" what other people should do- without, of course,
following the same rules themselves.

One of the greatest Sagittarian difficulties lies in relationships. They
find it extremely easy to be entirely faithful to two people at once.
And bored Sagittarians are a danger to themselves and others. Anything
goes, is their attitude, so long as it is found to be stimulating. This
tendency to over-indulge can lead them to burn the candle at both ends,
and health may suffer.

Sagittarius is a great traveler and adventurer, not only physically but in the mind.
It is a sign that simply has to know the answers to life's big
questions. Although they are as pleasant as could be when these answers
are discovered, frustrating their quest could produce sparks.
AlariaDate: Wednesday, 06-November-2013, 6:28 PM | Message # 24
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

Dec. 22- Jan. 19

The bright side:
One of the Capricorn personality's most positive features is it's sense of
humor. This is something which often sustains Capricorn in it's efforts
to impose some order on the world, or wisely master its resources.
Although the humor is likely to be dry, it does involved contact with
other people (something that the self contained Capricorn does not excel
at). What the Capricorn personality is very good at is everything that others (except earth signs) find a little tedious.
Capricorn is endlessly patient, prudent, reliable, persevering  and

the darker side:

Capricorns can be extremely rigid and pessimistic in their outlook; and
gloomy and depressed.(and depressing) in their interaction with other
people. They can also be emotionally cold and inhibited. The prudent and
cautious side of the Capricorn nature can be take to extremes, too,
sometimes into the unsociable realm of the miser.

The Capricorn's need to be in control can even extend to the outer limits
of authoritarianism. They distrust anything spontaneous, if it tends to
deflect them from their sense of purpose which is to go all out to
change their environment, 

Most Capricorns are in favor of conserving assets and are firm supporters of
all things traditional and conventional. Capricorn's basic motivation is
security. They can also become fanatical moralists, opposing anything
that contradicts their view of the world. But they are also widely known
for their generosity of nature.
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

Jan 20- Feb 18

The bright side:
Aquarians are lively, inventive and original. Anything goes with Aquarius, and
being an individual does not worry this sign: in fact, Aquarius is
always out of step with the rest of the world and revels in anything
that is different.

Aquarius is also one of the most happily eccentric of the signs. Although it can be
extremely difficult to get close to an Aquarian, this is a fixed sign
and so is loyal and faithful. Ask an Aquarian for help and you will
immediately get it, for this sign is a very soft touch and would
willingly give some people the shirt off its back if necessary. 

the darker side:

The Aquarian personality can be chaotic and unpredictable, stubborn and
rebellious, cranky and perverse. It is a sign which can be totally
dedicated to being unconventional, whilst remaining stuck in a rigid,
unrecognized pattern. It is also a sign which can become detached to the
point of coldness, making it difficult for ordinary mortals to relate
to them. Aquarians do not care what the world thinks, however, so that
social conventions are sometimes thrown out of the window in favor of
anarchy. The isolation this can sometimes bring can come as a surprise
to them as they find it difficult to see how they might have behaved

The Aquarian personality is one of the most impersonal and detached, yet Aquarius has
a deep care and concern for humanity. A progressive reformer, Aquarius
is also full of humanitarian ideals, but these cab be somewhat vague,
giving Aquarius a reputation for keeping their heads in the clouds.
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology 
This work is not my own

Feb. 19- March 20

The bright side:
Pisces is sympathetic and compassionate, and cannot bear to see another human
being in pain. Indeed, Pisceans feel very deeply about other people as
they do not have a strong sense of separation and individuality.

Pisces is an intuitive sign which can receive great inspiration from beyond.
Pisceans are thus the natural mediums and mystics of the zodiac who can
communicate their inner visions through either the arts or sciences.
Pisceans can also be a sign of selfless or self-sacrificing devotion,
and is capable of truly unconditional love for others. 

Guild ridden:
the darker side:

The Piscean personality has a number of sub-personalities who are likely to
take over at the drop of a hat. They include the victim, the martyr and
the savior or rescuer; and once Pisces gets locked into these patterns,
it can be very difficult to shift. This can be hard on other people
involved, too, for Pisceans can inflict, or receive, considerable
suffering when they enter into a guilt-ridden phase. The other negative
trait involves the illusion and confusion which surrounds their ability
to tell the truth- known as lying by the more pragmatic signs. Pisceans
tend to be too imaginative for their own good.

The Piscean personality is the most unworldly one in the zodiac. It is the
poet, the dreamer, or the psychic who enjoys being taken away from the
mundane reality of every day life. If Pisceans become trapped by
circumstance in any one place, they will seek solace from their own
inner world.
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From The Complete Handbook of Astrology  
This work is not my own

Astrology and Romance

Fire signs
The fire signs are assertive, enthusiastic, energetic and creative. Full of
life, warmth and enthusiasm, these individuals have a direct and
immediate influence on their surroundings.
It is a very forceful combination when two fire signs meet, as they usually spur each other on
in all sorts of ways, and make the most of any exciting opportunities
that arise.
The expansiveness so typical of the fire signs can also result in extravagance when tow of them are together.
Fire signs are on the same emotional wavelength, and love means a great
deal to them. They share a need for a warm, loving relationship and are
often very passionate,

Earth signs
The earth signs are practical and materially minded. Innately cautious,
careful and restrained, earth signs have a great deal in common. They
like stability and work hard to improve and consolidate their situation
in life.
When two of them get together, they find it very reassuring to meet someone who shares their down to earth outlook.
Earth signs are marvelously faithful, and will stand by each other. Permanent relationships are very important to them.

Air signs
The air signs are traditionally the least emotional of the four groups.
They tend to value mental compatibility in romance more than passion or
looks. They love conversation and discussing their thoughts. But shaping
new ideas is generally far more exciting to them than carrying them
They especially enjoy the company of other air signs, although they can find it very difficult when it comes to expressing
emotions. They also tend to worry about committing themselves to
anything or anyone, in case they change their minds later.
Air signs are unhappy in claustrophobic relationships, so they are ideally
suited to each other. There will be little danger of them making
emotional demands that cannot be satisfied.

Water signs
The water signs are governed by powerful emotions, making them intense and
sensitive. The best person to understand the needs of a water sign is
another water sign; for others may interpret their traits as an
unwillingness to communicate or even moodiness.
In a relationship between two water signs, emotions are of paramount importance. They can
be very protective towards each other, creating a very cosy, caring
However, these strong emotions can also have the opposite effect, leading to games that can destroy the relationship.
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