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SatanasWyrdlingDate: Monday, 07-September-2015, 0:31 AM | Message # 1
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Ok, so Obsidian. It can be used for scrying. It can also be used to protect, defend, reflect, and absorb negative energy. Since it is basically, volcanic glass, if I recall right. It's been a while since I've studied the finer points of stones. So, one second...


Hey! Cool~ I remembered correctly. Anyways, it lacks a crystalline structure. Since, it is created when lava cools down extremely fast.

I got curious about Obsidian, because if it could do so many things with negative energy. What could it do, to channel negative energy? So, with a piece of Obsidian in my hand. I went for a walk to go cast energy at strangers! No, seriously. That's exactly what I did. The results, were quite interesting...

I just visualized the negative energy from traffic, being drawn into the Obsidian, as I walked down the street. Needless to say, there was a lot that was accumulated very quickly. Then, without touching, or even talking to people. I walked into my local dollar store. If someone was having a bad day, I'd take their negative energy from them, using the Obsidian. Then, they cheered up. Ok, cool. So, then I started looking for people in good moods. I used the Obsidian to channel negative energy at them. Suddenly, they got sour, REAL FAST! I kept watching people change their moods, in accordance to what I'd cast. Keep in mind, I did not talk to them, or touch them. I merely focused on them discreetly for a minute. I left everyone I experimented on, in better moods than when they entered the store.

So, I got to thinking. If Obsidian has such a function. What is it really capable of? I experimented further, and found it to be a wild card of sorts. Obsidian, will focus and direct energy and thought, period. Think about that for a moment... It is a stone, you can use for whatever magic you desire.

If you haven't tried to work with Obsidian, I highly recommend it. I used plain black Obsidian for this experiment. To this day, it is a favorite key component in my magic. Mainly, because it will focus whatever I desire.

Have fun!

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Forum » Magical Discussion » Misc Topics » Obsidian
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