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Satanism, why?
SatanasWyrdlingDate: Monday, 07-September-2015, 1:28 AM | Message # 1
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So, I looked in this forum. I found more techniques, than things actually relating to spirituality, and religion. Let's fix that. I'm going to explain what Satanism means to me, in the efforts of clearing up any misconceptions. You'd be surprised, how many times other Satanists have experienced discrimination, or ridiculous comments, from other practitioners. It's why some of us aren't open about it, or we stick to our own circles. Just so we're clear, I don't want anyone to read this, and suddenly become a Satanist. Only become a Satanist, if it is the path that is truly right for you. All I really want, is for people to stick to whatever path suits them best, along with a little understanding. So, without further ado... Here goes.

A God or Goddess is responsible for their own creation, and destruction. By taking charge of my own life, and accepting full responsibility for my own creation and destruction. I am my own deity. Here's how this affects my relationship with spirits that people call deities. Instead of endless worship, and praise. It's more like calling on a trusted friend, mentor, or guiding figure. After all, if a God wishes to converse with another God or Goddess to help solve a problem. Who's to say they can't?

My personal take, on Gods and Goddesses is a unique one. I feel that some of the names given to deities, are simply titles that several spirits carry out. While some of them, are more like governors and presidents of certain spiritual territories. Some, may or may not have taken their title by tyrannical force. Others, may have just inherited a position of power. Some might simply be called Gods or Goddesses, only because our ancestors called them such. However, many of the spirits behind the titles of deities are powerful, and worth working with. Instead of worship, it's more like a phone call to a good friend, or mentor. Just because I am my own deity, doesn't mean I am your deity. So please, don't flood me with prayers just because you want that stupid sports car. It's just a philosophy, and a different take on Godhood.

Satan, is adversarial. He's been identified under many names. It is also a title, or a concept. Challenge and opposition are necessary for growth. If you draw inspiration from Satan, whether it is literal, or figurative. This is Satanic. Satan, gives knowledge. He also challenges us, to face ourselves. Whether or not you believe in a literal fall from grace, think about this. He fell, because he didn't want to bow down blindly to a tyrannical figure. He stood up for himself, then upon falling. Instead of accepting one defeat, and giving up. He took the tools he had, and kept fighting for what he believed in. Thus, making a bad situation work to his advantage.

When some people hear the word, "Satanism." They'll think of several bad examples, instead of examining the philosophy with critical thinking. Don't get the wrong idea though, there are bad examples of Satanism that I choose to not associate with. There are some people out there, who do things that they feel are Satanic, based off other people's concepts, instead of their own. That isn't Satanic, that is simply following a herd of sheep, in Satanic clothing. There are some people that make the news, for killing in Satan's name. You know, there are fanatics in every path. So, people have killed in Satan's name before. Recently-ish, a Christian zealot beheaded a teen for practicing Witchcraft.


Sounds more to me, like sometimes mentally unstable individuals get involved with spirituality. Then sometimes, they do things that make us all look bad.

After reading Anton Lavey's the Satanic Bible, and taking what works for me, leaving the rest. Then, rereading Matt Zane's Transcendental Satanism several times. Here is what Satanism means to me.

Satanism is about embracing your own inner divine spark, and being your own higher power. It is about the freedom to pave your own path, and create your own life. It is about gaining knowledge, and through knowledge, gaining power. It is about facing yourself, and coming to terms with the light and dark within yourself. In order to transcend their duality. It is about standing up for who you are, in the face of adversity. As well as being adversarial towards those who would get in the way of your growth. It is about constant self improvement, and challenging yourself when needed. It is an individualized path, because just like Satan, you defend your individuality. Therefore, it is not about blind obedience to herds or social structures. It is being willful in all of your actions, knowing the how, why, and what, of whatever you're doing.

Because the path is meant to be individualized. You can ask several different Satanists what it means to them. Well, you're going to get several different answers. Yes, while some people do use Satanism as an excuse to do dark and terrible things. This is not the majority. In actuality, Satanism is as much about the dark, as the light. Since you need both.

The problem is that much of the misconceptions towards Satanism, come from propaganda of ages past. Just like witches usually aren't concerned with ruining crops, making deals with the devil, and whatever else religious propaganda from years long gone would have you believe. Satanists usually aren't concerned with sacrificing virgins, killing children, or bringing about the end of the world. No, usually we're more focused on improving our own lives, and trying to remain above petty bullshit.

If you wish to know more, then research it. Please, do not let the bad examples of Satanism skew your judgment though. Surely, you can think of a few bad examples in your own path, that you've met? See, the problem isn't what path people are on. There is a much bigger problem than that. The problem is, many people cannot handle differences in beliefs very well. Nor do they do their research. So slander and propaganda, skews and distorts how different paths are seen.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to this. It's as simple as saying, "I have my way, you have your way. Our ways work for us. This, is good for us." Let me reiterate, the main reason I chose Satanism as the topic for this forum is simple. I saw several posts based more around technique, than spirituality or religion. I wanted to help change that. So, I chose to write about something I know personally. If anyone else wishes to post their spiritual or religion philosophies. I will be happy to read them. As it is interesting to observe other people's beliefs.

Best wishes to all reading this, and nice to meet you. Want to shake my hand, and sign this contract?

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