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Personal Thoughts II
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Death. To many, this is a scary thing. Something to fear. What is death? It is the unknown, and that is all that is known.
I've spent many years of my life researching death. From the beliefs of the Indies, to the beliefs of the Westerners.                                                                                                                                         The Indies believe that when you die, your soul carries on. You may be a butterfly, a mole, a bear, or anything else that is living.                                                                                                                    Others believe you may just die. There is nothing. Black. Nothing more, nothing less. What is death?
Life. To many, this is a good thing. Beating heart, pumping lungs, thinking brain. But is life really better than death? Is the corruption, the unjust, the suffering and torture of life better than death? Would you rather not just be dead? 
To myself, death is interesting. I do not shy from the unknown. I do what few can do to the unknown. I face it. I face it, look it in the eye, say that it doesn't scare me, and I carry on. What is the worse thing life can throw at you? Debateable. Some may say death, others taxes. 
To live, is to suffer. The wars that circle us, the murders that happen to our friends, and their friends, and their friends! Murders that happen to our neighbours, to our family. Murder in this pretex does not mean with a knife or a gun. But with life itself. Life kills you.

I do not want life to kill me. I will not give in. Should my time come, I will simply shoot myself. If I can make no use to those around me -to my colleagues, family, and friends-  I am of no use. 
The world is corruption. The world is you. To stop the corruption, you must stop yourself. Do you want to live a life full of happiness? No money, no taxes, no murdering? Stop. Look at yourself. Whatever the majority of people think are wrong, continue doing that. Whatever the majority of people think you are doing right, do the reverse. 
As children we were expected to sit in a desk for several hours and then do an hour's worth of school work when we got home. Six, seven, eight and nine year old kids can not handle this. Those who can't handle this are put on medication, told they have something wrong with their brain, and put into a class with brain dead zombies who take the same medication. Is this life?

No one knows for sure what will happen in death. Will it be black? Will it be reincarnation? Will you go up to a place called heaven or down to a place called hell? 
Some people claim to be psychics who communicate with the dead. Why do they not ask them what death is? I myself being a psychic and someone who is greatly interested in death, will not ask the pre-deceased. For other psychics, I can not speak for.
When you die, your soul could "float" into the galaxies, and for every soul, both human and non, added to the galaxies, the galaxies grow. When you die, the light at the end of the tunnel could be you being pushed out of a vagina. When you die, you are dead. Nothing more, nothing less. Blackness similar to a dreamless sleep. 
Some people claim to have died and come back to life (an out of body experience). I myself have died. To be exact, I had a drug overdose on a cocktail. One moment I was falling down, the next I was looking at my body. I thought of my deceased grandmother, and she showed up. She told me that she didn't make my mother not abort me for me to kill myself at fifteen. She said that my time wasn't ready and that if I didn't go back to the land of the living, she would make my afterlife hell. When I asked her about what afterlife is, she told me to "Get my ass in my body or else". I did exactly that, and this is the first time writing of it. 
No one knows of this incident. No one besides those who read this.
Do not fear death due to it's being unknown. Do not fear life due to it's being harsh. Live your life, and always be prepared for death. In the words of Mahatma Ghandi, "Live every day of your life as if it was your last."

Copyright 2014 C.C. Baker
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