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Ranking System
SinixDate: Wednesday, 11-September-2013, 10:41 AM | Message # 1
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Just wondering, would there be any way to allow a group of members to manually assign ranks to certain individuals? More like an actual ranking system, rather than one based off of forum contributions. (Maybe a star ranking system? Like I rank someone 5 stars, someone else ranks them 3, so it averages to 4, etc.)

Thinking ahead, it's very easy to up your rank with the current system, just by posting multiple replies, short answers, or holding on a conversation in the forums. Even by commenting ":P" will increase your rank. This could be very frustrating for those who put a lot of effort into their forum posts because a page long answer will receive the same rating as someone who comments an Emoticon or 'thanks.' And this can prove very misleading if someone who knew very little, and posted a lot or spammed, was to get a high ranking. So, I can foresee that either the number of posts required for each title is increased, or the ranking system is shifted from forum contributions to rank from members. Personally, I like the ranking system being about quality, not quantity.

Perhaps if the ranking system is shifted to members ranking, a different system can be put in place for the forums. Like how yahoo Answers allows everyone to rank various answers or posts. So if I was to write a good forum post, it could be ranked, allowing members to which replies are looked highly upon, and which aren't. (Could prove very useful for managing fluff)

I don't know, just a few suggestions from me.
witchheartDate: Tuesday, 09-June-2015, 10:30 PM | Message # 2
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Well sense the host is actually open to edits of advance, i don't see any reason why it couldn't be done, but building a Ranking System from scratch could take a while. Plus intersecting it with the site's functions, it may take a while. I know in Spells of Magic, it took Peter Saldon quite a while before he was able to finish the Ranking System for "No Rank, Fluff, Beginner, Novice, Knowledgeable, and Adept".
Forum » General Information » Comments & Suggestions » Ranking System (Concerns about the ranking system.)
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