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Re-Introducing Myself xD
AlexisDate: Monday, 07-October-2013, 5:40 PM | Message # 1
Group: Banned
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Hello everybody. I keep my age/where I'm from as secret(unless you are a close friend of mine)..

Anyway, I do not follow any religion. I made my own rules and all I know is what I experienced, even tho many don't believe. Mail me if you got any questions. I'll answer by experiences most of times, but anyway..

I can do: Communication, summoning, energy manipulation(more types), a bit of healing(getting better),.. This is mainly! I got some other abilities that I keep private..

My element/s: Fire and darkness..

What I wish to learn: Everything I can. I'm not interested in tarot and fortune telling tho.

I had one time near death experience. Also I'm very sensitive when it comes to some things. Also I see spirits as friends(if they are good). I got many spirit friends and I'm happy about that. Also, DO NOT EVER tell me that demons are all evil!.. I hate when people say that. And no I'm not satanist either.. I believe what I see. Demon hurt me once or twice, the rest are also my friends. Demons/spirits/humans all same when it comes to good and evil. Humans kill, rape, bully and so on.. Evil spirits and evil demons mess with you and hurt you and people you care for. But do they hurt you like humans can/do? No.. So please, avoid demons being all evil with me.. I respect what others believe but I take things like this serious..

Also on SoM site many ask me to cast spells for them, such as transform or love spells..

TRANSFORMING ISN'T POSSIBLE IN HUMAN WORLD! Go to astral and transform your energy body, np... But DNA can never be changed...

Love spells? Sorry controlling human's will isn't my thing. wink

I'll be on as much as I can but eh.. Sometimes I get a bit "negative" and disappear for few days without or with saying, it doesn't matter but just so ya know :P..

Also if you don't believe some things I do, I can prove it only if you can see and travel with energy body while you're awake..

That's all. Mail me if you want to know anything.
Blessed be.
AlariaDate: Monday, 07-October-2013, 5:50 PM | Message # 2
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Well...happy re-intro acceptanceish.
Forum » General Information » Introduce Yourself » Re-Introducing Myself xD (Since post was removed huh)
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