Sisters of the Moon

High Priestess: NONE

The Sisters of the Moon is a select invitation only coven. 

But if you are feeling bold send a messaged to the priestess and explain why you think you should be a part of the family.
This does not guarantee acceptance. If you are deemed unworthy you will not be permitted in at any point and time. Choose wisely. 

Although this coven is called Sisters of the Moon, it does not mean it is only for woman. 

There should be no sexism and there will not be. 

We use the goddess Artemis as a guide. 

She protected animals, and children alike. She is the goddess of the hunt.

In our lives we all hunt for something, anything, that makes our lives more meaningful. In magic we strive to achieve what we set our mind out to.

In Sisters of the Moon, we accept the desire to want to "hunt" and further your knowledge in the arcane arts. 

Explore the hidden knowledge and welcome all those who differ.


We are allied with the following covens:


Brothers of the Sun


Any disrespect toward them will be dealt with accordingly.