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High Priest: Sinix

The circle is known for many things in magick; protection, unity, eternity… The Sacred Circle represents all of these aspects. This coven is a sacred and protected place, one continually striving for unity and everlasting knowledge. We do not focus on any path in particular at the moment, however we have strong roots in divination, the basics, psychic abilities, candle magick, elemental magick, and spirits. All are welcome to join the ranks of this circle, just fill out the questionnaire below and send it to Sinix.

1)What is your age?
2)Why do you wish to join the circle?
3)What can you offer the circle?

Only those deemed worthy will be asked to join the inner circle, a collection of the most esteemed members.

Inner Circle:
-Sinix (Priest)

Outer Circle:

Sister Covens:
-Sun & Heaven